Inter mediation in the purchase of real estate for Poles returning from abroad and foreign clients

Since 1989 after collapse of eastern block, significant percentage of Poles decided to build their lives outside Poland. Fortunately, since then polish economy did not stop and now very often offers equally attractive employment and business opportunities as other European countries. As an effect we observe significant growth of interest in returning to Poland and, what is inevitable, growing interest in renting or buying attractive properties by Polish emigrants and foreign European citizens interested in building up business in Poland, or just seeing polish properties as an alternative to traditional financial investment. For professionals we offer comprehensive investment and legal support in regards to purchasing properties in Poland. We service contracts for both private residential properties as well as commercial/industrial. Additionally, we offer other services i.e. search, selection and supervising rental contracts. In cooperation with a law office we will develop and supervise the whole purchase starting from (if necessary) setting up company, searching of appropriate property, checking and approving property legal status, due diligence for financial institutions up to preparation of contract – in cooperation with Notary office on final text of Notary Act. As a one of the few on the real estate market, we can guarantee full technical and legal support for our clients in their mother languages such as: English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.